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Sharpening Tools

A collection of sharpening tools and accessories including: oil stones, slipstones, whetstones, benchstones, gauges for sharpening, honing guides and more.

sharpening stones

A selection of sharpening stones: oil stones, water stones, slip stones, combination stones, flattening stones.


sharpening stone boxes

A selection of sharpening stone boxes.


stropping and polishing

A selection of stropping and polishing tools.


honing guide tools

A selection of honing guide tools including the Veritas MKII Honing Guide system and the Veritas bevel measuring tool.


knife sharpeners

A selection of knife sharpeners including the Warthog knife sharpening devices.


sharpening machines

A selection of Tormek sharpening machines.


accessory kits - Tormek

A selection of accessory kits for Tormek sharpening machines.


sharpening jigs - Tormek

A selection of Tormek sharpening jigs for the Tormek sharpening machines.


accessories - Tormek

A selection of Tormek sharpening system accessories.


grindstones - Tormek

A selection of Tormek grindstones.



A selection of lapping tools and lapping grit including the Veritas lapping plate.


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