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Other Saws

A selection of Marples, Veritas, Lynx and Pax specialist saws.

Additional Pad Saw Blade
A replacement pad saw blade for pad saws such as the Joseph Marples pad saw. [More]
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Joseph Marples Pad Saw
Sold out of Joseph Marples Pad Saw: More Coming Soon
A Joseph Marples pad saw plus blade. This pad saw has a shaped Beech handle, a brass ferrule with blade locking screw,... [More]

Pax Fine Curved Inlay Saw
A fine Pax curved inlay saw by Thomas Flinn. This saw has a super thin curved alloy steel blade that is specially crafted... [More]
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Pax Flush Cutting Saw - 20tpi
A Pax flexible flush cutting saw, ideal for tasks such as cutting dowels. This saw has a very flexible alloy steel bade... [More]
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Pax Guitar Saw - Fret Saw
This lovely brass-backed Pax guitar saw with rosewood handle is used for cutting frets on a guitar. The blade has two... [More]
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Pax Jewellers Saw - 20tpi
A fine rosewood handled jewellers saw from the Pax range. This saw is carefully made with a very thin, mirror finished,... [More]
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Pax Razor Saw - 40tpi
A fine Pax razor saw ideal for those delicate areas that need an excellent smooth finish. This saw is especially popular... [More]
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Pax Veneer Saw
A fine 3" Pax veneer saw made by Thomas Flinn. This very fine curved blade has 15 TPI to facilitate careful precision... [More]
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